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We Are The Experts

The Xtreme Rebuilds crew are the experts in foundation repairs, building relocation plus the installation of insulation.

Ask us about house moving as well as lifting buildings.

We are the specialised villa restoration specialists.

All our work is guaranteed and finished to the New Zealand’s highest industry standards.

We do provide WINZ quotes and repairs

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Design and Rebuild

Looking at remodeling your home?

Talk to to our design team who specialize in renovating older homes to give them a nice new lease of life.

Our team of experts will walk you though the pros and cons of rebuilding , renovating or just doing a few alterations here and there.

They can also help with the approvals and consents required by council .


Xtreme Rebuilds

Our focus on providing good value at a reasonable price began paying off from the day we started as the company has had continued growth and expansion even in a slow economy. Our plan has always been to offer the best and most advanced methods for foundation repairs and to provide a warranty that is the best in the industry for our repairs.

Our business has grown and we now operate throughout New Zealand with modern and reliable hydraulic jacking technology.

Our expert foundation repair team has successfully repaired the foundations of thousands of homes with minimal requests for warranty work. When we do a job, we expect it to last as long, or longer than the house itself. The key to our success is attention to detail and superior work quality that our competition fails to recognize.

Xtreme Rebuilds has an exemplified track record of successful foundation repairs and provides a list of references with every free foundation repair quoted. Our customers are more than willing to vouch for our repair work that has truly protected and enhanced their home investment.

We always do our best to correct structural damage, but when the completion of work requires additional repairs other than foundation repair such as: wood flooring repair, tile and flooring repair, plumbing, irrigation system repair, plaster crack repair, engineering reports, painters, or other specialized services, we rely upon the companies and contractors we know and trust.

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Our crews are based in following areas:


  • Auckland  Manakau
  • Hamilton (head office) Dinsdale
  • Wanganui Castlecliff
  • Wellington Upper Hutt
  • Christchurch  Parklands