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Perhaps you are happy with where your house is located, but just wish you could see more of the view. How about lifting your house up instead? Make use of our extensive experience and lift your house to add another floor, or basement or garage.
Flood prone area specialists in raising your home to comply with insurance and EQC requirements
How about lifting your house and adding a flat for extra income? Or making a place for Mum to live? Talk to us today to discuss your needs.  

We are sure we'll find the right solution for you.


Our company invests in the most hi-tech hydraulic jack system available which allows us to lift your building 100mm to 3000mm with minimal damage. This is best suited for homes with no access under floors or for those wanting extra rooms underneath their home.

Our jacking systems are of the most advance proven technology available.

We can lift 100 ton to a height of 1800mm in one lift. This system is mainly used for raising buildings or machinery that need space to work underneath or transported.

For the more detailed jobs lift 10,000 ton capacity with accuracy of up to ± 0.25mm. This system is used for leveling concrete floor buildings, railways, bridges, subways, shipbuilding, and other heavy construction industries.

With a continuously adjustable flow pump, the speed of the lifting cylinder can be precisely controlled, coupled with a high precision electronic control device and a displacement pressure detection system, means the simultaneous lifting, synchronized landing, heavy weight measurement and other functions can be undertaken. The computer-controlled lifting system can synchronously control many lifting points.